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You can't adjust the sensitivity of the sound detection; it's either on or off. Read More!
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RING PRO is more of a side contender to it’s 2nd generation doorbell. It has to be wired to existing doorbell wires and it can not operate on battery power which brings me full circle on why I believe the 2 generation RING video doorbell is the best option for most homes. The biggest reason the 2nd generation RING video doorbell has my vote as the best choice for homes is the fact that it is a liberated device. You can easily choose the perfect spot for the video doorbell because it can run on your doorbell buzzer wiring or operate on battery power. All other video doorbell devices need to be wired to the previous doorbell buzzer location. Previously I wrote a scathing review about how RING video doorbell doesn’t have On Demand Live View.
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T"This is a tragic story," Sandy McFarlane, a post traumatic stress disorder expert, told ABC1's Lateline.

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I replace my ring with this video camera doorbell because I was frustrated with the false alerts every time a truck passed by on the street.

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    Their employees are very well informed, extremely polite and totally “service oriented”.

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    So if a smart lock is part of your connected home, you can integrate it with DoorBird and let in welcomed guests.
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    A doorbell is useful to prevent the entry of an unknown person to your home, office, apartment, building, etc.
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    forces in Afghanistan, guarding supply convoys in war torn parts of the country.

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