Nebraska Permanent Facial Makeup provides information for those seeking permanent makeup, camouflage for reconstructive surgery, as well as those suffering from physically altering injuries and disfigurements. Permanent Cosmetic facilities, plastic surgeons, and tattoo shops offering permanent facial makeup may be listed in this directory.

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Marcia Renner FAAM, LPN, BS
Permanent Makeup

7824 La Vista Drive
Omaha, NE 68128
phone#: 402-597-3939
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Painless or FREE; Recieve FREE Procedures and/or a FREE Color Boost by Referring Your Friends. Call Today and Learn about Permanent Eyeliner, Eyebrows and Lip Color. SAAVE Cancer program Providing Complimentary Eyebrows, Eyeliner, or Nipple restoration for Cancer Survivors. Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) Marcia is a Nurse, Artist, and Educator,and cosmetic micro-pigmentation specialist with advance training in permanent cosmetics and Physician Referred.



Jennifers Electrolysis & Permanent Cosmetics
217 West Mission Avenue

Bellevue, NE 68005
(402) 293-5575

Always Pleasing Permanent Makeup
3225 South 13th Street
Lincoln, NE  68502
(402) 423-3030

Elegant Face Permanent Cosmetics
123 S 84th Street Suite E
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 488-3050

Permanent Cosmetic Clinic for Eyeliner & Eyebrows
Located In a Plastic Surgeon's Office

8998 L Street Studio Suite 227
Omaha, NE 68127
(402) 593-9333

Permanent Cosmetic Specialist for Eyeliner & Eyebrows
Located in a Plastic Surgeon's Office

9140 West Dodge Road, Suite 408
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 597-3931

Permanent Cosmetic Specialists
9140 West Dodge Road
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 597-3931


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